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Zero Period: can't live with it, can't live without it.

We like you, but you're crazy.

4/13/05 11:52 pm - ahhrrr

I am more sick of zero period than I ever thought I would be.

And I thought I'd get pretty sick of it.

2/19/05 06:15 pm - theslab7 - ROCK ON!!!

Our Band

2/19/05 06:08 pm - theslab7 - Essay Topics

To those of you who had Curry last year, which topic did you write your big old essay on?

To those of you who have Curry this year, which topic are you going to choose to write your essay on, or have you chosen already, or whatever?

1/4/05 03:44 am - theslab7 - Seating Arrangements

Today, I was not tired in zero period, and it was both rare and lovely.

So, who does everyone sit by in zero?

On my left, we have this kid named Kyle from my math class, who probably thinks I'm a moron. On my left, we have the enchanting Laura Bayley, who is also in my math class and is really good at math, ceramics, and probably everything else. Behind me, we have yet a third Vandervelde classmate, the bounciest, bouyantest, bubbliest Brunner (Rachel, that is), a lady I've known for more than a decade, now. I sit in the front row, so there's no one in front of me, but to the left in back of me is John Gu, whom I speak to occasionally on occasion, and to the right in back of me is a constant flip flop between the precious Rachel Lieberman, and the scintillating Kelly Montgomery.

I love my zero, so much. It's only three and a half hours away.

9/21/04 06:52 pm - andhowever

Whoever made this community is a sick, sick, sick sicko with way too much time on his/her hands. I like it! If there's a Livejournal community for underwater basket-weaving, then there dang well can be one for all. . .120 students who have a zero period. Wow, are there really 120 students? No, more like 90. But still. Doesn't seem like there are that many people in the halls of a morning.
I like zero period. It makes me feel like one of the intellectual elite.

9/20/04 11:10 pm - ahhrrr

So how 'bout that whole waking up early thing?
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